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I'm Lisa, owner of Lisa Woods Home, welcome to my blog.

Lots of people ask, 'how did your business come to be?' So here it is.

Back to the beginning. After leaving school I trained as a barber and then moved into hair and beauty wholesale. During this time I was lucky enough to go on many industry training courses provided by my employer. After having my first child I decided to take a break from work and then went on to have another baby shortly after. I knew that I wanted to go back to work but I wanted to do something that fit around my family life and that it had to ease me gently back into working life. I looked to the beauty industry as it was what I knew and I eventually signed up to become a NYR Organic consultant. I loved the products and it gave me the flexibility I needed at the time. Over the next few years I expanded my knowledge base into numerous holistic therapies and started my own business. I went on to train as a children's yoga teacher and then to do my full yoga teacher training. This was a great addition to my holistic therapy business. As part of my business I also sold products including home fragrance.

At some point along the way I thought to myself, 'why am I buying in candles to sell? Why don't I just make them myself? How hard can it be?'

As it happens, a lot harder than I thought. I spent 3 years just doing research. Looking into waxes, fragrance oils, essential oils, suppliers, regulations and laws. The more I looked into it the more daunting it became but I knew I wanted to give it a proper go so in 2018 I bought my first lot of wax and fragrance and had a go. I developed a small range of wax melts and a friend let me sell them into the run up to Christmas in his salon. I got some great feedback from this but it made me realise that there were still things I needed to perfect so I went back to the drawing board, worked on my products and branding and then did an official launch in October 2019.

Little did I know about what was to unfold in 2020! From about mid February 2020 I had a sharp increase in people cancelling appointments and by mid March my children's schools were closing and I had to close my holistic therapy business. This was a real blow as it was my main source of income and my home fragrance range was not ready to be my main provider.

The pandemic gave me the time to focus solely on Lisa Woods Home and forced me to diversify. The business is still not where I would like it to be but it is growing and I am thankful for that.

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