Pick 'n' Mix Wax Melts

Choose 5 single wax melts from a selection of your favourite fragrances. Made from a completely natural wax blend and premium fragrance oils. Packaged in recyclable glassine bags and presented in a reusable, grey cotton bag. Products are handmade in small batches so the colour and size can vary slightly.

Only use a burner for use with wax melts. There must be sufficient space between the tealight flame and bowl or the fragrance oil will burn off too quickly and may produce a vapour.

Check your burner before every use for damage. Do not use your burner if damaged.

Fragrance oils may cause damage to some surfaces, take necessary precautions when burning wax melts.

Electric Burners: place a melt in the bowl of your burner and follow the manufacturer,s instructions for your burner.

Tealight Burners: place a melt in the bowl of your burner, light a tealight candle and place as appropriate for your burner.

You can reheat your wax melts until the fragrance is no longer noticable.

Wax Melt 1
Wax Melt 2
Wax Melt 3
Wax Melt 4
Wax Melt 5


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